Elevate Your Trades with AI: Less Effort, More Success!


RED GALAXY SCIENCE is not just an Indian or Forex stock market coaching center it is a fully-fledged research center where knowledge is endless. Training is just the beginning of our journey

RED GALAXY SCIENCE will provide automated trading products that will suit Forex traders across the world

Artificial Intelligence – Products

  • RED GALAXY SCIENCE will design AI products developed by our own strategies.

  • Red Galaxy Science will not sell AI products; it offers Weekly, Monthly, and Rental-based options with less profit sharing.

  • RED GALAXY SCIENCE will not offer AI without back testing, Demo testing and live trade testing.

  • RED GALAXY SCIENCE will not share its development formula with anyone

Benefits of our AI Tools:

  • No human intervention or manual interruption required

  • Stress-free life with no panic

  • Fully automated trading Software

  • Our team will maintain VPS and servers at low cost

  • Free setup & Account opening done by our expert team

  • Our AI Software will manage your portfolio and trading Account on mutual Contract basis

  • 24x7 support available

Artificial intelligence trading

Artificial intelligence trading with Galaxy Trader, designed by "RED GALAXY SCIENCE," in MetaTrader 4, powered by Expert Advisors, is a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology and financial markets. It's like having a trusted friend who assists you in making smart investment decisions.

These AI-driven tools, like Galaxy Trader, analyze vast amounts of market data with lightning speed, helping traders spot lucrative opportunities and manage risks effectively. They adapt to changing market conditions, providing a positive trading experience even in challenging times.

So, whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, embrace the power of Galaxy Trader, designed by "RED GALAXY SCIENCE," in MetaTrader 4. It's your friendly ally in the world of trading, designed to empower you with smarter, more profitable choices. Happy trading!